Mike Scott BSc, PhD, Cert Health Econ, FPSNI

Professor Mike Scott is currently Head of Pharmacy and Medicines Management in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. In 1994 he established the first academic practice unit in the province in conjunction with the Queen’s University of Belfast (QUB). In 2004 he was made a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland. In June 2009 he was made an Honorary Professor of Pharmacy Practice at QUB. He was awarded the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists gold medal for outstanding contribution to the health service at national level in 2010. In 2014 he received the special achievement award from the Ulster Chemists Association for outstanding contribution to the development of pharmacy in Northern Ireland. In April 2015 he became the Director of the Northern Ireland Regional Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC). In 2016 he was awarded the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Anita Hogg MSc (IP), MPSNI

Since joining the hospital sector in 2001, Anita Hogg has undertaken research and service development in medicines management and medicines optimisation. She was Pharmacist Co-ordinator of the award winning Integrated Medicines Management (IMM) programme within the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) and supported the implementation and development of IMM across Northern Ireland and in Europe. In 2002 she won the Northern Ireland Hospital Pharmacist of the Year Award and has published research papers and presented work on medicines management both nationally and internationally. She qualified as an Independent Prescriber in 2009 and has authored and delivered numerous postgraduate education and training programmes throughout her career. Prior to joining the hospital sector, Anita was one of the first pharmacists to deliver medicine reviews within GP Practices and provide prescribing advice to General Practitioners with the Northern Health and Social Services Board. She was also one of the first pharmacists to deliver the community pharmacy based ‘Managing Your Medicines’ service. During an attachment as Principal Pharmaceutical Officer in the Department of Health, Anita supported the implementation and delivery of the Pharmaceutical Clinical Effectiveness Programme in Northern Ireland. Anita is currently the Lead for Pharmaceutical Clinical Effectiveness in the Regional Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC) and Principal Pharmacist in NHSCT and continues to undertake research and deliver a medicines optimisation service to patients.

Kamila Urbańczyk, MPharm

Graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy of Wroclaw Medical University in 2017. Kamila had internships in clinical pharmacy in Slovenia, France and Northern Ireland. During her pre-registration training she was providing voluntary service to daily chemotherapy unit in The Lowersilesian Oncology Center in Wroclaw. In 2017 she was a Head of Organising Committee of the first edtion of conference titled “Pharmacist on hospital ward: benefits and challenges”. Kamila is enrolled in Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice delivered by Queen’s University Belfast. Currently she is working on hospital wards of The Regional Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw Research and Development Centre with special focus on vascular surgery.

Frans van Andel MSc, MPH, PhD

Frans van Andel has Dutch nationality. He holds degrees in health economics from the Universities of Groningen and Utrecht and in public health from Harvard University, USA.  Frans was awarded a PhD in pharmaceutical economics from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He has more than 25 years’ experience in economic issues involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, with work experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Novartis, Switzerland), CRO’s, academia (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) and in international organisations including the European Commission, World Health Organization, World Bank and bilateral programmes. Since 2016 Dr van Andel is the Director for Internationalisation of Medicines Optimisation at the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC) in Northern Ireland. Frans van Andel is leading the MOIC internationalisation process, aiming for the organisation to be an international hub for all aspects of medicines optimisation in areas such as research and development, human resources development and training and technical support. The starting point of internationalisation is the unique experience gained in Northern Ireland over almost 18 years of implementing medicines optimisation. Frans van Andel is well placed for this role in view of his many years of experience overseas in various roles with international organisations in the public and private sector, his project focused approach and his intimate knowledge of pharmaceutical delivery and financing systems across the world.